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Sous Vide Introduction...

Heston Blumenthal has described it as ‘the greatest advancement in commercial cookery since electricity.’  Sous vide cook is the first method of cookery that gives the cook consistent repeatable results every time you cook.  A vacuum sealer and a sous vide immersion circulator are all that is required to transform your everyday meals in to something really special, with les effort.

Sous vide is the art of vacuum sealing raw foods in plastic cooking pouches and cooking them gently at exacting temperatures.  An immersion circulator is capable of holding water at very stable temperatures, to 1/10th of a degree Celsius.  The pouches of prepared food are placed in to the water at a predetermined temperature and cooked slowly. 

The advantages of using sous vide to cook food are exact doneness, retained nutrients, natural flavours, meals can be chilled and reheated with no loss of flavour or texture.  Neat, clean, packaged home cooked meals ready to go is what has made this stunning new method of cookery as appealing to home cooks as it is to the commercial chef.




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Sous Vide Polyscience Immersion Calculator - CLASSIC Series 7306AC2A5 RRP $1,700.00+GST
Travel case also available for the CLASSIC Series (holds 2 units and leads). WEB PRICE: $300.00+GST


WEB PRICE: $1,565.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide Polyscience Programmable Thermo Circulator Bridge Mounted Immersion Calculator 7312AC2A RRP $3,000.00+GST
Up to 25 Liter/minute pumping pressure. Control at temperatures up to 200*C. Integral temperature and low-liquid level protection. Time / Temperature programmability Five speed adjustable pump. Controllable Through RS-232 interface. RS-232 cable supplied. Remote Probe Capability.


WEB PRICE: $2,760.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide Molecular Gastronomy Tools by Polyscience Anti Griddle AG30AC2E RRP $2,000.00+GST
The PolyScience Anti-Griddle is a essentially a -30*F cold plate that flash freezes creams, sauces, purees, yogurt, and other liquids and semi-solids. It's an easy-to-use tool for adding further imagination to your menu or presentations.


WEB PRICE: $1,840.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide Whip Canister Holder (2 pieces) AM-2AE RRP $150.00+GST

WEB PRICE: $140.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide 28 Litre Cambro with Lid CHEF Series Custom Tank RRP $200.00+GST
This product is available in another version:

28 Litre Cambro with lid CLASSIC Series custom tank.
WEB PRICE: $185.00+GST

WEB PRICE: $185.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide 18 Litre Cambro with Lid - CHEF & CREATIVE Series Custom Tank SVPro RRP $160.00+GST
PRICE IS FOR TANK ONLY. This product is available in another version:
18 Litre Cambro with lid CLASSIC series custom tank
WEB PRICE: $150.00+GST

WEB PRICE: $150.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide Temperature Probe HH306A RRP $400.00+GST
2 Channel Data Logger.

There is another Temperature probe available:

2 Channel Data Logger.
CODE: HH806Au WEB PRICE: $370.00+GST

WEB PRICE: $370.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide Omega Temperature Probe HH801A RRP $205.00+GST
1. K/J Type dual input thermocouples. Thermocouple offset adjustment. Data storage for 120 samples. Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate. Large easy-to-read display. Protective rubber boot. Auto power-off. Backlight. MAX/MIN/HOLD functions. Auto-Range: 0.1/1* resolution.Comes with 4 'AAA' batteries, Type K thermocouple (one per channel), rubber boot and complete operator's manual.

2. Hypodermic Probe fully water proof 15mm x 0.3mm.

3. Hypodermic Probe type K 110mm x 1.3mm.

4. Polyscience Probe type K 110mm x 1.3mm.
WEB PRICE: $190.00+GST

WEB PRICE: $190.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide Smoking Gun SG2-PSC
One-piece, removable anodized aluminum smoking chamber. Heavy-duty metal blower fan - will not melt when heated. Efficient, low-noise motor. Excellent for finishing products that are cooked SousVide or other methods where food is not normally directly exposed to fire or smoke. Runs on 4 AA batteries (included). Includes two 1/2oz sample jars of PolyScience Hickory and Applewood Smoking Sawdust.

WEB PRICE: $160.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide 38 Litre Instanta Stirred Water Bath SV-38A RRP $3,000.00+GST
Digital display includes both 'Set' and 'Actual' temperature control to within 0.1*C. Low water level warning including boil-dry protection.Unique agitation pumps water regularly around the bath to eliminate hot and cold spots. Five timers including hours, minutes and seconds. Heavy duty hinged safety glass. Removable stainless steel rack system for suspending pouches as standard. Heat up time, mins: 44 to 65*C. Rapid draw off after initial heat up: N/A. Min hourly output: N/A. Power: 3kW, 240 V/10 Amp. Dimension: 375mmW x 588mmD x 415mmH.

This water bath is also available in a smaller size:

25 Litre Instanta Water Bath.
CODE: SV-25A WEB PRICE: $2,395.00+GST

Instanta Water Bath Divider kit (2 piece) is also available:
WEB PRICE: $220.00+GST


WEB PRICE: $2,760.00 AUD + GST
Sous Vide Polyscience Immersion Circulator- Professsional CHEF Series SVC-AC2A RRP $1,150.00+GST
Exceptional control of liquid heating to within 0.1*C (0.06*F). Dedicated temperature control enables you to quickly set or adjust cooking temperature. Easy up and down buttons allow you to select and set cooking temperature to a 1/10th of a degree. Temperature readings available in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Controls liquid heating up to 100*C (212*F). Pressure Flow Rate (max): 12 Liter per min. Heater Output: 1100 Watts / 3753 BTU. Weight: 4.1 kg. Dimensions: 35.8cmH x 9.84cmW x 18.73cmD.

A travel case is available for the CHEF & CREATIVE Series units. WEB PRICE: $105.00+GST


WEB PRICE: $1,058.00 AUD + GST
SousVide Molecular Gastronomy Tools by Polyscience Sonic Prep UH20AC2E RRP $6,500.00+GST
Ultrasonic processor with 400 Watt. Power output control to match power to the application. Continuous or timed (0-15 minutes) operation. Pulsed mode to minimize heat generation. Broad process range from 1 ml to over 500 ml per sample. Power output meter to monitor power and permit reproducability. Includes a high-efficiency converter which requires no internal cooling. Supplied with a standard 1/2 inch titanium probe. Supplied with a sound box with transparent door to reduce high noise level.


WEB PRICE: $5,980.00 AUD + GST

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